Citizens of Zion Missionary Baptist Church - 12930 South Lime Avenue Compton, CA 90221

Women's Ministry
Mission Statement & Organization Structure

The Mission of the Women's Ministry is to minister to the "total" woman. it's our objective to meet the total needs of each woman within the church family by providing spiritual support and encourage through Bible Study and fellowship. We approach the work work of our mission through auxiliaries that are grouped by age to better understand and relate to the lifestyle needs of each woman in the 21st Century.

 Sis. Jackie Hudson, Administrator

The Auxiliary groups are:
~ Daughters of Virtue (DOVS) - Ages 21-35
~ Women of Honor - ages 36-45  
~ Women of Wisdom - ages 46-59  
~ Ladies of Grace - ages 60-69 
~ Mother's Board - ages 70 & up

   The Women's Ministry also has the following support ministries:

  ~ Repast Support Team
  ~Team Leaders/Co-Leaders 
  ~ Tender Loving Care/Outreach

Women's Ministry 2017
Fellowships. Bible Studies . Birthdays. Celebrations . Retreat . Prayer Luncheon . Annual Day Service
Calendar of Events: 
 * February 5th - Super Bowl Women's Fellowship
 * March 7th - Tuesday Night Fellowship
 * April 4th - Tuesday Night Fellowship
 * May 9th - Tuesday Night Fellowship
 * June 6th - Tuesday Night Fellowship
 * Sept. 23rd - Prayer Luncheon
 * Sept. 24th - Annual Women's Day
 * Oct. 25th - 29th - Women's Retreat 

Women's Ministry Organizational Structure:
Citizens of Zion Women's Ministry has five auxiliaries divided by age groups. Each auxiliary has an organizational structure that consist of a President, Vice President and Secretary as well as other officers as voted upon by the women in that auxiliary. The Women's Ministry officers consist of  the Administrator, Co Administrator, Finance Committee and the presidents and Vice Presidents from each auxiliary. the Executive Board meets twice a year and is responsible for planning the calendar of events for the ministry.

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